Here are some articles you might like to read about training - for instance why it's worth making the effort.

Dispel Those Sports Med Myths


leg-injury-1Every single person engaged in sport and exercise, especially the kind of sports covered by SGSC, will have an injury at some point. If you do then you will almost certainly use the services of a physio, and one of the best sports physios we've come across is John Green.


John spent 15 years as Head Physiotherapist at West Ham United FC. Since leaving he has concentrated on developing his own practice, set up during his time at West Ham, and now works with footballers from many different clubs as well as people outside professional sport.


He is keen to dispel some of the myths surrounding the treatment of sports injuries.


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Crossfit in her 60's


laurie nelson 1Crossfit is a relatively new movement in fitness training. It was created in 2000 as a physical exercise training philosophy, and also as a competitive  sport. You may well have seen people performing Crossfit classes or routines in your own gym.

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A Good Time to Start

When should you start thinking seriously about the physical condition in which you spend the rest of your life?

According to the slogan current in the 1960's "Today is the first day of the rest of your life", so whatever day it is, today is always the day to accept that this is an issue of immediate importance and to start doing something about it. However, you can't necessarily manage 

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Aerobic Exercise Best for Fat Loss, but ...?


So, the festive season is over - and the traditional response to the New Year is a pile of resolutions, amongst the most common of which is the intention to lose the excess weight built up over the holidays. The chances are it isn't extra muscle that you've put on, but something a lot less "useful"!

If you want to lose it, a recent study, by Leslie Willis of Duke University, North Carolina, and published in the Journal of Applied Physiology suggests that, in order to lose fat mass, aerobic training is more efficient than resistance training. In the study, obese subjects were randomly split into 3 groups who were assigned Aerobic Training, Resistance Training or a Combination of the two.

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Get Ready for Winter

Oh dear. It's August 5th 2012, and Usain Bolt, the fastest man in history, has just lost the Olympic men's 100m final! Why? Well, he was just coming to London for a holiday and a bit of a run, and didn't take the running part seriously enough - he didn't train enough. Sound likely? Not really (in fact we all know it didn't happen that way). Yet many people do go on a holiday in which a sporting activity plays a major part but without putting in enough (any?) work to a) get the best out out of it and b) give themselves the best chance of avoiding accident and injury. This is particularly true as you get older and don't have the 'taken for granted' strength and vitality of youth. It's not to say that you should narrow your horizons as you go through the years, you just have to make more effort in order to maintain the possibilities.


And as winter is upon us, we'll focus on skiing.


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Importance of Regular Physical Activity

The Centers for Disease Control, a US government agency, has published a feature on healthy ageing. And what do they advise? "Regular physical activity is one of the most important things you can do for your health".

According to their article, physical activity can reduce the risk for health in many areas from keeping your heart healthy, maintaining muscle mass in order to remain more independent on a daily basis, to reducing the risk of a "potentially disabling" injury.

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