leg-injury-1Every single person engaged in sport and exercise, especially the kind of sports covered by SGSC, will have an injury at some point. If you do then you will almost certainly use the services of a physio, and one of the best sports physios we've come across is John Green.


John spent 15 years as Head Physiotherapist at West Ham United FC. Since leaving he has concentrated on developing his own practice, set up during his time at West Ham, and now works with footballers from many different clubs as well as people outside professional sport.


He is keen to dispel some of the myths surrounding the treatment of sports injuries.



Should I use ice on my injury?


Many people believe that ice is a good way to remove swelling from a swollen area.

Ice is actually only good for cooling the area! Ice will have an analgesic effect on pain by lowering the sensitivity of nerve endings.
Cooling an injured area can help by diminishing the pain which will then allow you to exercise. This exercise may help with the recovery process!


If you have a swollen area you should do the following:-



Compression via a tubi grip or compression garment is a good idea. A tubi grip should extend from the joint below the swollen area to the joint above the area.



Elevation will facilitate the removal of swelling via the valveless lymphatic system. Ffor instance, in the case of a lower limb injury, sleeping with the end of the mattress elevated will help dispel unwanted fluid in a swollen ankle or knee.



Active movement will create alternating contractions in large muscle groups which will aid the removal of swelling away from an injured area. The muscular contractions will compress the lymphatic system and with the addition of elevation will aid the removal of swelling.


Should I do 'hot and cold'?


For many years soft tissue injuries and joint swelling were treated with 'contrast baths'. This was the alternating use of hot and cold baths.
More recently this process was shown not to be effective.


Regarding activity and its health benefits I would like to draw your attention to the video on my website: www.johngreenphysio.com. Go to links and, under Patient Info, look at "23 & 1/2 hours: what is the single best thing we can do for our health?". This is a very clever video presentation exalting the benefits of 3 x ten minute walks a day. For those who don't feel up to participating in the more demanding sports featured on the Silver Grey Sports Club website, you will see that there are still plenty of health benefits which derive from even modest exercise, as long as it is done regularly.