An exercise for the chest, arms and core. This exercise uses weights and a fit-ball (or gym-ball). Denise is using 3Kg weights.

Sit on the fit-ball holding a weight in each hand, with your legs and feet to the front. Roll down the fit-ball to a lying position. As you perform the exercise you must keep your hips up, don't let them drop i.e. straight line from shoulders to knees, and engage your core so that your body doesn't move during the exercise. Getting used to controlling the fit-ball is an important part of exercises like this.

When you are comfortably in this position, push your hands upwards so that the 2 weights are balanced above each shoulder. Slowly lower the weights to each side, keeping your arms almost straight and making sure that the fit-ball doesn't roll around. Continue lowering your arms until they are parallel to the floor and then raise them back up to a vertical position. Keep your body, and the fit-ball, motionless, and make sure you don't let your hips drop towards the floor.

When you have done your reps, push your feet towards the ball to roll yourself back into a sitting position.