An exercise for the shoulders and upper back.

Stand with your feet hip-width apart, in the Neutral Spine Position, shoulder blades in the Butterfly Position. Dan is using 3Kg weights.

Start with a weight in each hand down at your side, and your shoulder blades in the Butterfly position. With a nearly straight arm, raise the weights away from your body to each side to just above shoulder height. Although the weights are held horizontally in each hand, when the weight is at its highest point make sure that the back end of the weight is slightly higher than the front end.

Hold for a second then lower them, keeping a smooth motion, not too fast upwards or down.

Do not use any movement of your upper body to help lift the weights, keep your body motionless. All the strength must be exerted by your arms and shoulders. Better to work with a lighter weight and develop the correct muscles than jerk your body to help lift the weight upwards.