Sir Chris Bonington at 80



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The Grand Old Man of Climbing Climbs the Old Man of Hoy - again.

Exercise Benefits All Over - official

A very interesting article appeared in the Guardian online on Jan 13th listing the immense and varied benefits of exercise. As we have reported many times..

Inspiring TV

The most inspiring, and surprising, piece of television over the Christmas break was undoubtedly "Bear Grylls' Wild Weekend....


Continual Improvement


OK, you're reading this, so you're probably getting older - whatever that means. At Silver Grey Sports Club, we don't tend to use the words old or older as we feel that there is a subjective judgement in deciding what is or is not old - and generally it's not a positive one. We use "past the age of 50"

91-year-old water skier

This woman has a great attitude, and the right attitude.

Super Mother and Daughter

These two women are incredible examples of the benefits of strength training as you age.

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