Silver Grey Mountain bikers

 Silver Grey Mountain Bikers




 When the Tour de France 2013 entered its third and final week and was about to finish in Paris, so our thoughts turned to two-wheeled sports.


We came across these two stories about people well into Silver Grey territory, but mountain bikers rather than road cyclists.

Perhaps the best "anti-aging" fix


There was an interesting article in The Guardian on Saturday 20th July, reporting on 25 "anti-aging fixes - without surgery". What a relief to find someone writing about cosmetic surgery not being the first resort in their fight against the effects of living longer. Unfortunately, it's not all good. The fact that the writer is only 38 and a half is a little dispiriting,

Fête des Médaillés

The ski resort of Val d'Isère has a system of rewarding long-time regular clients with "Médailles de Fidélité" (Loyalty Medals). Every year they have a "Fête des Médaillés" consisting of giant slalom races and a prize-giving ceremony later in the day.

59, and the Fastest Flyer


Was it me or was it the way it was written?

A trip to the South West

Had a short trip in mid-July to the waves of North Cornwall, where we were on the hunt for some Silver Grey stories.

62-year-old American Football player

Tom Woodring is a 62-year-old who plays semi-pro football...


91-year-old Track and Field Athlete

Here's a great story courtesy of BBC NewsOnline . Canadian Olga Kotelko is 91 and she took up Track and Field Athletics at the age of 77.

Power of Six

The Guardian has this story about 6 professional athletes who continued their careers way past the age at which most people are able to keep up with their younger competitors.

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