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Lose Weight....But Not Muscle

shoulder press 1.1Some new research, led by Kristen Beavers, an assistant professor of health and exercise science at Wake Forest University, sheds some light on two important and interlinked issues that concern Silver Grey athletes - keeping a healthily low body weight while maintaining adequate muscle mass for both your sports and for your health and quality of life.

This new study suggests the way to go is to combine weight training with a calorie-controlled diet and in this way to preserve lean muscle mass which can be lost through aerobic workouts.

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Silver Grey Lungs Not Limited

SGSC Runner Puffing 1 small WIf you’ve ever thought that it was too late to start exercising, too late to get more strength and/or fitness as you get older think again.

A new study from the Mayo Clinic, led by Kirsten Coffman, has found that if Silver Greys want to start even a vigorous exercise regime, there's a good chance their lungs will be able to keep up with the pace.

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Fountain of Youth Reloaded

SGSC Runner Puffing 1 small WThe Fountain of Youth. It’s an idea that has been around since the beginning of human history, probably, certainly since early civilisation, with roots in Greek mythology and written about as early as the the 5th century BCE, by the Greek writer Herodotus. He described it as a spring that could restore the youth of anyone who drinks from it or bathes in its waters. That story described a quite literal return to being young. The question is, is it really necessary to be young in order to be youthful, or at least in order to have some of the energy that one has when younger.


Apparently not - at least, not according to a report into some research from the Mayo Clinic.

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Exercise and the Brain ... again!!

sweaty training smallAs the saying goes, it isn’t the first time and it certainly won’t be the last time .... that we get research that shows that the benefits of exercise go beyond muscles and up as far as your brain.


Here is yet more evidence that exercise can reduce the risk of developing Alzheimers disease. It comes from a study carried out at McMaster University in Canada by Jennifer Heisz, an assistant professor in the department of kinesiology.

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Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Muscles, But Were Afraid to Ask!

…OR...“The Underappreciated Role of Muscle in Health and Disease”...

…which is the title of some research published about 10 years ago, and which is particularly relevant to many topics on this site.

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