We have been writing about the research into the beneficial effects of exercise on the process of ageing. All the articles about that research can be found here, in one place.


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Health in Middle Age


They say it's never too late to start, they say better late than never, and in the case of fitness for Silver Greys both of those things are true - in spades!


There are many incidences of people who have become fit and achieved proficiency in their sport even though they have started late. Two examples of this which have recently come to our attention are champion road cyclist Derek Stewart, and power lifter Pat Tombs, both appearing on ITV's Amazing Greys and both of whom took up their sports in the last 10 years or so. Stewart, at 77 has many national titles to his name, and Tombs, at 67 is a world-ranked power-lifter having only started at 60.



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Better Physical Fitness Might Maintain Better Mental Fitness

Here is more news about aerobic fitness impacting on memory and cognitive function, concluding that there is a definite association between fitness and a slower decline in mental performance in later life.

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Strength Training Reduces Injury

If, as we do, you advocate continuing participation in extreme and adventure sports past the age of 50, inevitably people of a negative disposition will attempt to counter the undoubted benefits of being active and sporty with the threat of the increased likelihood of injury.

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Exercise and Lean Muscle Mass

In a previous article on this site, we put forward the idea that much of the loss of muscle bulk that is traditionally associated with ageing can be avoided by exercising. More evidence to support this comes from a study published in The Physician and Sports Medicine.

The study, by scientists from University of Pittsburgh and University of Lausanne, shows that much of the loss can be ascribed to the increasingly sedentary lifestyle that usually accompanies ageing, and that regular, intense exercise can greatly alter this.

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