We have been writing about the research into the beneficial effects of exercise on the process of ageing. All the articles about that research can be found here, in one place.


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Keep Your Muscles

Keep Your Muscles!
Keep Your Muscles!
Keep Your Muscles!

We've said it before, we're saying it again, and we'll keep saying it - Keep Your Muscles!  

We're not talking about maintaining a body-builder's physique, we're talking functionality. 

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Exercise, no sweat. Yes, SWEAT!

sweaty-training-smallsgsc-runner-puffing-small-2Several weeks ago - and with no great enthusiasm - we reported on some research that appeared to show that the best way of exercising in order to have the best chance of avoiding early death from various diseases such as heart disease, diabetes etc was to exercise only a moderate amount, and at not too demanding a level. Various elements within the media took the opportunity to thumb their noses at people they described as smug, exercise junkies and took delight in reporting that this piece of research showed that these "exercise junkies" were not doing themselves any good at all with their ultra running, their triathlons etc.

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Why Exercise 2?


sgscrunner1.2The title of this article is "Why Exercise 2". Its full name is in fact "Why Exercise 2 : the second in a never-ending series".


The latest chapter of this story comes from University of Colorado Boulder and Humboldt State University in a joint study of the effects of running on walking in a group of men and women with an average age of 69 years old. According to the study's findings, running slows the ageing process.

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Why Exercise?


If you've read much of what is on this site you won't be surprised to learn that continued exercise contributes greatly to one's ability to continue to exercise! And the more we read about new research into exercise and related subjects, the more levels we find that this happens on.

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The Inside VIew


Exercise is good for you - who knew? It's official - again!


Two related studies, recently published in Gut, the peer-reviewed journal for health professionals and researchers in gastroenterology & hepatology which is part of the British Medical Journal, have shown that people who exercise have more abundant and more varied...

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