We have been writing about the research into the beneficial effects of exercise on the process of ageing. All the articles about that research can be found here, in one place.


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Fitness Age for Silver Greys

It is often said that age is just a number. But even if it is just a number, it's a number that's attached to you and which follows you around all your life. It's also a number that implies a lot about you which is not accurate, especially from a health point of view. So if, from a health point of view, age isn't the right number, what would be the right one? It seems that the right number, as far as health is concerned, is what is termed your Fitness Age. And there are two pieces of good news with regard to your fitness age. Firstly, it is not the same as your chronological age, and secondly - and more importantly - it is totally subject to your efforts to lower it, with important consequent benefits.

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Why Exercise (3)? For body AND brain.

There's a fun side to exercise, and there's a serious side, and here are a couple more examples showing the serious results of the fun side - fun, that is, if you like exercise.

A team at Southampton University, led by Professor Mike Grocott, have discovered that putting patients on a course of exercise training can have highly beneficial effects on the outcomes of their cancer surgery - a treatment that they term 'pre-habilitation'.

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Exercise and Dementia

There has been a great deal of coverage in the news of the story from Alzheimer's Association that up to a third of people born in 2015 will be expected to suffer from dementia - about 27% of boys and 37% of girls. Dementia is a condition in which age plays a large part; as people live longer so the likelihood of suffering from it rises.

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Reasons to Be Cheerful...

When you endlessly bang on about something, you run the risk of being shown to be wrong and looking a complete fool. So it's greatly relieving to find more evidence in support of what we say - exercise is good for you, and, with particular relevance for Silver Grey Sports Club, good for you in age as is all the physical training the sports demand. Here is some research uncovering some specific benefits, and not exclusively in the physical realm.

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The Arrival of the Anti-Ageing Pill?!

Here's one of life's paradoxes - everyone wants to live forever but nobody wants to get old! What to do, what to do? Of course - an anti-ageing pill! It's what everyone has been looking for - a pill that can "slow down ageing", surely one of the holy grails of science.


So the announcement that scientists at the Institute for Ageing Research at Albert Einstein College of Medicine want to undertake trials of the diabetes drug metformin for its effects

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