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All about Silver Grey Sports Club Paulus and Viviane talk and ski Marty Heckleman talks skiing and keeping fit Ewan Briscoe - TaiKwondo Master Mary Goodacre - triathlete Robin Delve double world champion Wayne Watson - Ski Guide, Teacher 76-year-old Wolfi surfs Watergate Bay Harold Greenberg - Curious to the Last Charles Eugster's 200m World Record Francoise Kassenberg - Climber Betty Warner - Yoga Student John Kirkham - Surfer Chris May - working Out to the Max Hilary Walker - Ultra Runner Sydney Isaacs - Tennis Player

Deltoids Stretch

Stand with Neutral Spine, Butterfly and Core engaged.

Extend your right arm forwards, elbow straight and palm facing inwards. Keeping your arm level, swing it to the left, across your chest, and increase the stretch by placing your left forearm outside your right elbow, vertically, and pulling gently in towards your chest.

Hold the stretch for 10-15 seconds until you feel the muscles relax, and then increase the stretch gently. Hold for a further 10-15 seconds.

Release and stretch the other arm.

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