Meet Wolfi

Wolfi 2Wolfgang Russ, known as Wolfi, is a 76-year-old German surfer who has lived and surfed in Cornwall for many years. Wolfi surfs every day when conditions are right, at Watergate Bay his home break. We filmed him talking about his life last November, but will have to wait until this coming spring before filming him surfing - because during the winters he escapes the cold Cornish conditions by surfing in Tobago! In the meantime, click "Read more" to view a clip from the interview and get an idea about this amazing man.

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Louis Gomez - kiteboarder

louis gomez 2We first came across Louis Gomez in an online video. He contacted us recently and was happy to tell us his story - here it is.

Who are you, what do you do, how old are you?

I am Louis Gómez a 79 year old retiree from Miami, Florida. I retired at 55 from Chase Bank where I worked in IT.

How long have you been involved in Kitesurfing? How did it begin?

I learned to kiteboard when I was 70 years old and I am currently foilboarding also.

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Steve Stritch - RNLI lifeguard and surfer

steve str rnliA strong swell, and a reasonably strong on-shore wind - to surf or not to surf, that was the question for us as developing surfers. The answer came to to us in the form of 56-year-old RNLI beach lifeguard Steve Stritch, and as you can see from our short clip of him surfing, he said “Yes, yes, yes. Come on in, the water’s lovely!”

So we did, it was, and afterwards we got the chance to tell Steve that he had inspired us to take the plunge, and to ask him a bit about himself.

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Harold Greenberg


Born - 1942 ; Location - London, England ; Sport - Windsurfer


It's said that curiosity killed the cat, but for Harold Greenberg curiosity is the fuel that has powered his journey through life.

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John Kirkham

Born -1946 ; Location - Plymouth, England ; Sport - Surfing


In 1966 two things happened for the first time....England won the Football World Cup and John Kirkham bought a latest-technology, fibre-glass surf-board.

We're still waiting for the second occurrence of one of these events, while John Kirkham owns 4 surf-boards.

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