Lynn Hill - Search for a Superhero

While looking for inspiration for SGSC visitors, we came across a superhero in the shape of climber Lynn Hill! In a feature on entitled "Real Life Superhero", she was compared to Spiderman due to her amazing ability in the sport of rock-climbing.


Here's some of their footage




 Lynn Hill came to prominence in the late 1970's and early 1980's when she was part of a group of climbers - named after their base camp Camp 4 in Yosemite Valley in California. Being one of the few women who could keep pace with the male climbers she was continually setting records for the hardest climbs achieved by a woman.


In the mid-1980's she joined the European Sport climbing Tour and won over 30 international titles. She left competitive climbing in 1992 and returned to her first love in climbing, Traditional Climbing.


Arguably, her greatest single feat was to be the first person, male or female, to free-climb The Nose on El Capitan. She followed that up the following year with another ascent of the same climb, this time climbing it in less than 24 hours. These feats remained un-matched for over 10 years.


These days in her 50's, Lynn is still climbing but for her own pleasure and satisfaction. There is not much recent footage that we have been able to find, other than the abcNews footage, but here is footage of her climbing Hueco Tanks in Texas,



and here is footage of her in her 50th year giving a demonstration of climbing techniques at Joshua National Park in 2011



She recently took part in an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session on in which she responds to a question about climbing as an older person:-


"Hi Lynn - huge fan here. How do you deal with ageing as a climber? How has your body's response to the sport changed over the years? I'd love to be able to climb for as long as you have."

Lynn_Hill "Thanks. Listen to your body and if you're older you probably need more rest. Be careful of dynamic moves - they can be really hard on your body. Be consistent, stretch to keep your flexibility and you can also do self massage (or get). Stay in tune with your body."


Much more can be found out about Lynn on her own website