Beat Kammerlander - Climber

Beat Kammerlander is someone who has pushed the boundaries of his sport, sport climbing. Having begun as a teenager in his native Austria, he is still climbing well into his fifties. He is particularly known for developing sport climbing in the Alps.

Here he is climbing a route that he created and which he named The Three Sieves.

Lynn Hill - Search for a Superhero

While looking for inspiration for SGSC visitors, we came across a superhero in the shape of climber Lynn Hill! In a feature on entitled "Real Life Superhero", she was compared to Spiderman due to her amazing ability in the sport of rock-climbing.


Here's some of their footage



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The French Spiderman


Click for video

Climbing...? It's mountains, isn't it? Or it's rock faces, or boulders? Yes? No, not always. Sometimes it's ...

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Françoise Kassenberg

Born - 1946 ;  Location - Val d’Isère, France ; Sports - Rock climbing, Skiing,

If anyone exemplifies the "raison d'être" of the Silver Grey Sports Club it's Françoise Kassenberg.

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