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The gym keeps this 81-y-o doing what he loves

lono tyson-1

Lono Tyson works out, and works out, and works out, 6 or 7 days a week. But he also snowboards, and he surfs, and he's recently taken part in a mini triathlon. So there must be something good about working out.


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More Muscle, Longer Life?


If you're interested in maintaining a good body, you may have heard a possibly apocryphal story about a person with a well muscled, lean physique who visited the doctor and was told that their BMI measurement showed them to be obese and that they should lose weight....

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Kettlebells at 81


carol evans kettlebellsIn her article about Osteoporosis, Professor Pat Woo tells us that for women, who are more vulnerable to this condition than men, one particularly good way of combatting it is resistance exercise. On that basis, here's an example of a woman who is particularly unlikely to suffer from it.

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Better Physical Fitness Might Maintain Better Mental Fitness

Here is more news about aerobic fitness impacting on memory and cognitive function, concluding that there is a definite association between fitness and a slower decline in mental performance in later life.

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Strength Training Reduces Injury

If, as we do, you advocate continuing participation in extreme and adventure sports past the age of 50, inevitably people of a negative disposition will attempt to counter the undoubted benefits of being active and sporty with the threat of the increased likelihood of injury.

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