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The Arrival of the Anti-Ageing Pill?!

Here's one of life's paradoxes - everyone wants to live forever but nobody wants to get old! What to do, what to do? Of course - an anti-ageing pill! It's what everyone has been looking for - a pill that can "slow down ageing", surely one of the holy grails of science.


So the announcement that scientists at the Institute for Ageing Research at Albert Einstein College of Medicine want to undertake trials of the diabetes drug metformin for its effects

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Keep Your Muscles

Keep Your Muscles!
Keep Your Muscles!
Keep Your Muscles!

We've said it before, we're saying it again, and we'll keep saying it - Keep Your Muscles!  

We're not talking about maintaining a body-builder's physique, we're talking functionality. 

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Sydney Wilson - stoked on spokes

"Jamais s'arrêter de pédaler" - meaning "Never Stop Pedalling" - is the personal philosophy of an 82-year-old French cyclist and skier whom we met in the early days of Silver Grey Sports Club. Coming across this film about 80-year-old cycle racer Sydney Wilson the words have a literal as well as metaphorical meaning. The need for PR must be one of the least appealing aspects of modern corporate life so it was a pleasant surprise when it produced something really quite exciting - this video about Sidney Wilson, who was filmed as part of a PR campaign for a milk brand. The campaign was a competition to find the brand's local area's fittest grandparent.


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Exercise, no sweat. Yes, SWEAT!

sweaty-training-smallsgsc-runner-puffing-small-2Several weeks ago - and with no great enthusiasm - we reported on some research that appeared to show that the best way of exercising in order to have the best chance of avoiding early death from various diseases such as heart disease, diabetes etc was to exercise only a moderate amount, and at not too demanding a level. Various elements within the media took the opportunity to thumb their noses at people they described as smug, exercise junkies and took delight in reporting that this piece of research showed that these "exercise junkies" were not doing themselves any good at all with their ultra running, their triathlons etc.

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Legendary Waterman and Surf Pioneer Laird Hamilton has passed 50 - and he's still got the passion

Legendary waterman and tow-in-surf pioneer Laird Hamilton passed his fiftieth birthday last year making him eligible for inclusion on the Silver Grey Sports Club website. Not your average 51-year-old, but then he hasn't been average at any time in his life.


Here's a video from TMZ Sports showing him "shooting the pier" at Malibu on his stand-up paddleboard.


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