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Fountain of Youth?

Well, is there or isn't there? Is there good news or is there uncertainty? Certainly, there is good news, but there is also a small amount of uncertainty. The uncertainty concerns the question "is it genetics or is it training?"  


What is it all about? It's about Motor Units.

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It's Cool to be Old, if....(2)

So here is another of the winning entries into the Prime and Fire Selects competition. The subject this time is 82-year-old skydiver Dylis, and does she have some things to say!


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She said it, it must be true!

fitball flys w smlShe has in the past been rather scornful of what she had always considered the rather desperate attempts by some of her fellow actors to battle the passage of time by daily 4am gym sessions. Now Helen Mirren has revealed that she herself partakes in gym workouts - "occasionally" as she says in an interview in the Sunday Times on 27th March. At her age (71, if you're interested) she says "it's necessary". No evangelism, no fuss, just an understated acceptance that working on her body is an essential part of keeping herself fully functioning and in good shape to continue the work she loves.

So it's as simple as that, you have to do it. And if The Queen says it, it must be true!

It's Cool to be Old, if....

Well, finally it's cool to be old, as we've known all along -  if you're into adventure sports, that is. And the proof, if you need it, is that several of the winning entries in a competition for short films of "unique human-interest stories within the world of action & specialist sports" featured athletes who were definitely in the SIlver Grey category. And here's one, about 77-year-old kitesurfer David.



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Whistler Senior Ski Team

sgscskier1.3A life-long Silver Grey Sports Club dream, to ski in Canada, was fulfilled this winter when we had a trip to Whistler in January. It most certainly won't be the last time there. Plenty of Silver Greys on the piste and which led to our being informed of the existence of the Whistler Senior Ski Team (SST), a group of Silver Grey skiers we referred to in a previous piece A Tale of Two Whistlers.

And of the two Whistlers referred to in that piece SST definitely falls into our camp, in fact their web-site strapline "We Grow Old Because We Stop Playing, Never Stop!" echoes the very sentiments expressed in our own motto.

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Fitness Age for Silver Greys

It is often said that age is just a number. But even if it is just a number, it's a number that's attached to you and which follows you around all your life. It's also a number that implies a lot about you which is not accurate, especially from a health point of view. So if, from a health point of view, age isn't the right number, what would be the right one? It seems that the right number, as far as health is concerned, is what is termed your Fitness Age. And there are two pieces of good news with regard to your fitness age. Firstly, it is not the same as your chronological age, and secondly - and more importantly - it is totally subject to your efforts to lower it, with important consequent benefits.

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