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Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Muscles, But Were Afraid to Ask!

…OR...“The Underappreciated Role of Muscle in Health and Disease”...

…which is the title of some research published about 10 years ago, and which is particularly relevant to many topics on this site.

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Johanna Quaas, the world's oldest gymnast

The German gymnast Johanna Quaas is officially the oldest active gymnast in the world. In 2013, she was entered into the Guinness Book of World Records for that achievement.

At 90, in 2015, she was still going strong.


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Neal "The Dude" Unger

We found this short film about 60-year-old skateboarder Neal “The Dude” Unger. We really love his attitude to sport and age. When he talks about what he loves about skateboarding, we couldn’t put it better ourselves.


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Muscles, Exercise - and Olive Oil!

Good things come in three’s, so they say, so here are three good things - well, three things, anyway.

There’s a proverb that says “A chain is only as strong as its weakest link” - your body could be the perfect illustration of that. If you’re going to suffer injury through doing your sport it could well be at the weakest part of you. So, as much as possible you have to keep every part of your body as strong as every other part.

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58-year-old wins Olympic Gold!

nick skelton 2At the age of 58 Nick Skelton has won team GB’s 23rd Olympic gold of the Rio 2016 Olympic games, on 13-year-old Big Star. He is not only GB's first ever equestrian individual Olympic gold medallist, he is also GB's oldest Olympic gold medallist, in any sport, since 1908!

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Silver Grey, Green ... or Both?

These days, with all the efforts that are being made to combat climate change, the watchword for every kind of transport is fuel efficiency. The world’s favourite environmentalist, Jeremy Clarkson, believes that hydrogen fuel cells are the answer to non-polluting car power; other people think it should be electric cars powered by sustainably generated electricity - or solar powered cars, even. Until any of those things happen, though, it will still be all about fuel efficiency. And now, it seems, fuel efficiency is something Silver Grey athletes can aim at and benefit from.

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