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58-year-old wins Olympic Gold!

nick skelton 2At the age of 58 Nick Skelton has won team GB’s 23rd Olympic gold of the Rio 2016 Olympic games, on 13-year-old Big Star. He is not only GB's first ever equestrian individual Olympic gold medallist, he is also GB's oldest Olympic gold medallist, in any sport, since 1908!

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Silver Grey, Green ... or Both?

These days, with all the efforts that are being made to combat climate change, the watchword for every kind of transport is fuel efficiency. The world’s favourite environmentalist, Jeremy Clarkson, believes that hydrogen fuel cells are the answer to non-polluting car power; other people think it should be electric cars powered by sustainably generated electricity - or solar powered cars, even. Until any of those things happen, though, it will still be all about fuel efficiency. And now, it seems, fuel efficiency is something Silver Grey athletes can aim at and benefit from.

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A Tale of Two Surfies

Here are two videos about women surfers, one 68 and the other 71 years old. They both surf at an age that used to be unusual, at least, but which is less so now. On top of the fact that they both love riding the waves, there’s a very interesting difference between them. One has been surfing all her life, and the other only took up the sport at the age of 53.


68 year old Genie and 71 year old Gwyn

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It's Cool to be Old, if....(3)

Here is the final film of the trio of winning entries into the Prime and Fire Selects competition. The subject of this film is 75 year old competitive cyclist Mick Ives.


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Old Man Monday

We saw this recently and it got our interest. It's a group of 30-55 year old skateboarders who meet at Primedelux skatepark in Plymouth. The sessions are called "Old Man Monday" - of course!



If you want to see more of the footage.....

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A Lean Life and and a Strong Life could be a Long Life

There’s an old joke that if you give up smoking it’s not that you live longer it just seems that way - or drinking, the same applies. Now, it seems, the real way to keep yourself living longer is to keep your body shape lean. OK, it’s a statistic not a guarantee, but if you do keep yourself lean then statistically you give yourself the best chance of living longer according to some recently published research. On top of that, another piece of research asserts that if you lift weights - twice a week, say - that’s another way to extend your life-expectancy. And with particular relevance to SGSC, when it comes to the weight-lifting research it’s based on results from the observation of weight-lifting among older adults.

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