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Ernestine Shepherd is 80

Ernestine Shepherd, at one time the oldest competitive female body-builder, titles which she won in 2010 and 2011, has passed 80 - and she’s still going strong.



No longer competing, she still trains in the gym 4 times per week, as well as doing cardio exercise every day - up to 80 miles per week - and it shows. You can’t really believe that she’s 80.

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Crossfit Open 2017 - age-group women

If you ever had any doubt about the effectiveness of exercise on the condition of your body have a look at this - a number of women athletes taking part in age-group competition in the Crossfit Open 2017, all of them over 50 and the oldest of them in their sixties.



There's a lot of talking so the parts to watch - the amazing women athletes themselves - are at 1' 10", 1' 50", 2' 45", 3' 45", 4' 40" and 5' 30".

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Dr Charles Eugster R.I.P.

charleseugsterripLONDON, 27th APRIL 2017 - Dr Charles Eugster, the best-selling author and record-breaking athlete, whom we filmed making the record and whose TED talk we wrote about, has died in London at the age of 97.  His publicist confirmed he passed away Wednesday evening from complications following heart failure.

Born in 1919, he died the current World Masters World Record Holder at M95+ 200m indoor and 400m outdoors. 

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Fountain of Youth Reloaded

SGSC Runner Puffing 1 small WThe Fountain of Youth. It’s an idea that has been around since the beginning of human history, probably, certainly since early civilisation, with roots in Greek mythology and written about as early as the the 5th century BCE, by the Greek writer Herodotus. He described it as a spring that could restore the youth of anyone who drinks from it or bathes in its waters. That story described a quite literal return to being young. The question is, is it really necessary to be young in order to be youthful, or at least in order to have some of the energy that one has when younger.


Apparently not - at least, not according to a report into some research from the Mayo Clinic.

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105 years, 26 Kilometres

5 years’ ago in 2012, we reported on French cyclist Robert Marchand’s age-group record for cycling 100 kilometres. Now at the age of 105, he is still going strong and still setting records.



In January this year he cycled 22.547 kilometres (14.01 miles) in one hour. Not only is this a record, even the Over-105-Years age group is new, created especially for him.

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Exercise and the Brain ... again!!

sweaty training smallAs the saying goes, it isn’t the first time and it certainly won’t be the last time .... that we get research that shows that the benefits of exercise go beyond muscles and up as far as your brain.


Here is yet more evidence that exercise can reduce the risk of developing Alzheimers disease. It comes from a study carried out at McMaster University in Canada by Jennifer Heisz, an assistant professor in the department of kinesiology.

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