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Exercise as Medicine?

We have often heard that exercise can be medicine, but in this case exercise is a post-operative therapy. Here is 78-year-old Louis Gomez for whom taking up kiteboarding was the best thing he could do for himself after coming through being treated for cancer of the vocal chords.


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Charles Makes it Big

drcheugsterCharles Eugster has made it onto the big screen! He features in “The Pacemakers”, a new documentary about senior athletes competing in Masters Athletics competitions, including the world championships in South Korea. The film, which features SGSC’s video of him setting his new age-group world record for the 200m - the video which went viral and brought him to the world’s attention - premieres at the East End Film Festival on Sunday July 2nd.

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Super Strong 58-year-old

AT SGSC we often emphasise the importance of maintaining muscle mass for reasons of health, independent living in age etc, etc. But there are also benefits on a more immediate level from that.
Can you do this?


Jacques Pourbaix, the oldest kitesurfer?

When this was filmed, Jacques Pourbaix was 77 years old.


Six years later, at the age of 83 he is still going strong, and still learning. Not bad for someone who only took up the sport at 70!

Ernestine Shepherd is 80

Ernestine Shepherd, at one time the oldest competitive female body-builder, titles which she won in 2010 and 2011, has passed 80 - and she’s still going strong.



No longer competing, she still trains in the gym 4 times per week, as well as doing cardio exercise every day - up to 80 miles per week - and it shows. You can’t really believe that she’s 80.

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Crossfit Open 2017 - age-group women

If you ever had any doubt about the effectiveness of exercise on the condition of your body have a look at this - a number of women athletes taking part in age-group competition in the Crossfit Open 2017, all of them over 50 and the oldest of them in their sixties.



There's a lot of talking so the parts to watch - the amazing women athletes themselves - are at 1' 10", 1' 50", 2' 45", 3' 45", 4' 40" and 5' 30".

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