Here's a video of 58 year old Peter Besenyei, a stunt pilot, flying along, above and across the Corinth Canal in Greece, including one pass beneath the Corinthos Bridge. The wingspan of his plane measures about 1/3 of the width of the narrowest part of the canal itself.



This is just the latest feat in a life full of aerobatic achievements.


Peter began flying in gliders in his teens and began entering aerobatics competitions in his early twenties. As an adult had a successful career in competition, winning several national and international titles.


Eric Barone, born in 1960, has worked as a stuntman in films, doubling for Syvester Stallone and Jean-Claude van Damme among others. He has spent the last 20 years aiming for and achieving cycling speed records. At the age of 49 years and 6 months, he broke his own previous record for speed cycling on snow, at Les Arcs in the French Alps. He set a mark of 222 kph (138.75 mph), beating his previous record which he had first held in 1994, and subsequently increased in 1999.


Following his success on snow, he decided to attempt records on land and set cycle speed records in 1999, 2001 and 2002. During the attempt to increase the record in 2002 he suffered a cycle failure and came off the bike at 172 kph breaking several ribs!


Despite this, He was back in the saddle recently, at the age of 54 to attempt to set a new record on the snow.


Although he fell short by 5 kmh or so, it is always exciting and encouraging to come across people who keep the flame alive.