robin knox-johnson 3At 75, Sir Robin Knox-Johnson is to take part in the single-handed Route du Rhum trans-Atlantic sailing race. When asked about his motivation for doing it, he said that having taken part in the Sydney to Hobart race in December last year had re-awoken his  passion for the excitement of ocean racing. "Solo sailing is where I feel most at home, no one else can benefit you or let you down, it is all in my hands."


And he evidently feels in good enough shape to take on the challenge, which is more or less what SGSC is all about. If you make sure you don't lose your condition, or even, heaven forbid, improve it, then you won't lose your sense of adventure, whether it's taking on the challenge of an ocean-going race or something slightly less adventurous. Beginning in July, Sir Robin will start sailing in order to work on his muscular condition, but he says that the mental side is as important. In an endeavour like this the two go hand in hand, we believe - good physical conditioning aids good mental preparedness.


The race, which starts on 2nd November, will last two weeks and during the race he won't sleep more than an hour at a time. But he doesn't have particular concerns about that, he doesn't subscribe to the idea that once past 65 "your brain turns to porridge and you have a heart attack every time you come up the stairs.”


So, watch this space and when the race gets under way we'll keep abreast of his progress.