Ironman France

The Ironman France - - took place in Nice in southern France on 26th June, with plenty of Silver Grey competitors. The sweltering heat made competing very tricky, even more than usual for an event which is a variation of a triathlon but with longer distances in each discipline. An Ironman comprises a 3.4km swim, a 180km cycle ride and a 42.2km run.

There is an open competition, but most of the entrants compete in the age group categories with the oldest competing in the 70-74 age group. Out of a total of 2589 entrants, 285 were aged 50 or over, 11% of the total. This is an increase compared to 9% of the total entrants when the event first took place 6 years ago.

The fastest man over 50 was Finn Tapio Piesanen, who completed the course in 9 hrs 59 mins 47 seconds for an overall ranking of 82nd place. The fastest woman over fifty was Martine Hofer from France whose time was 11hrs 49 mins 34 secs for an overall ranking of 717. The oldest man - in fact the oldest competitor and the oldest to complete the course - was Pierre Beccamel from AS Monaco club in France, the sole male participant in the 70-74 category. He finished the course in a total time of 15hrs 20 mins 41seconds, with an overall placing of 1965 out of more than 2500 starters. The oldest women finishers were Diane Ridgeway and Cullen Goodyear, both from the USA and competing in the 60-64 years category. Diane Ridgeway finished with a time of 13 hrs 25 mins 38 secs and a placing of 1450 out of 2500, Cullen Goodyear had figures of 14:33:12 for a ranking of 1792.

Also competing was Dan Reeve, a personal fitness instructor who will be overseeing the forthcoming fitness/training section of the Silver Grey Sports Club site. Despite being hampered in his own training leading up to the event by a drawn-out house move Dan finished mid table in his age group.

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