Drug testing at 90!

Carl Grove90 year old Masters Cyclist Carl Grove set a new sprint world record for his age group in July 2018 - only to be stripped of the record several months later ... for a drug violation!

Never too old to try and get an edge over your rivals?

Not quite the whole story...


Firstly, Grove is a long time competitor in Masters Cycling with many wins to his name and no doubt many negative drug tests. So although he was stripped of this world record, he was let off with a public warning as the United States Anti Doping Agency (USADA) accepted his contention that the drug, epitrenbolone, had most likely come from his eating contaminated meat, due at least in part to the fact of his having recorded a negative result in a drug test the previous day.


And secondly, as for getting an edge over his rivals - in this event he had none! As with Charles Eugster when he set his 200 metre world record, sadly he was the only person in the race.


We absolutely salute people who still have the passion to work hard in order to race and set records - and who are considered to be so competitive that they might even resort to performance enhancing drugs in order to achieve this (though, of course, Grove didn't!). But we also look forward to the time when it will be a true competition with more than one rider, even at his age, willing and able to take on the challenge.