Ray Woolley - 95-year-old record breaking scuba diver

Ray Wooley, aged 95, has set a new record for being the the world’s oldest scuba diver. And another thing? He broke his own previous record!


Ray set the record by diving for 45 minutes, exploring the wreck of the cargo ship Zenobia, near Larnaca , in Cyprus. He has been scuba diving for almost 60 years having been a radio operator during World War II, and then having served with the Special Boat Services.


He attributes his longevity to an active lifestyle, and said when he set the record last year “If I can inspire just one person to get up out of their chair and do something, then that’s great”.


Wooley intends to set a new record next year and, who knows, could we see a 100-year-old scuba diver?