Uncharted Waters.

Wow! The world has just turned upside down! Almost no-one who will be reading this will ever have experienced anything remotely like this. Our website promotes health in later life through strength and fitness. The people we have met and interviewed over the years are already living a life that goes against conventional wisdom about being older - so they are thinking outside the box in the first place. We know therefore that all SGSC athletes will take on this challenge as imaginatively as they approach life in general.

We ourselves are sticking to a daily routine which involves running outside and doing strength work in the house. We are also making sure we do plenty of stretching to keep ourselves as supple as possible. It seems to us that regularity is the key.  

We realise more than ever how lucky we usually are to have so much freedom to live, train and do the sports that we love. In the future when all this is over, on days when we don’t want to push ourselves so hard we will be aware of how fortunate we are to have that choice.

Maybe the lock-down will even bring new people to experience the benefits of exercise and hopefully they will continue the habit once this crisis is passed.
Stay strong, stay healthy. Life’s a Game - Keep Playing!

In the Swim of Life

SGSC Swimmer1.6People don't all become Silver Grey athletes in the same way or for the same reasons. In the case of Pat Gallant-Charette it was a sudden death that started her on the journey which led to her numerous records for distance swimming.



Following the death of her brother, who died suddenly and unexpectedly, her son suggested an ocean swim in his memory. After that she started to train in a local pool, she gradually built up the distances she took on in the ocean, and she found she was very good at it. Which is how she came to take up and fall in love with the sport.


She now has many distance swims to her name and is gradually conquering what is known as the Ocean's Seven - seven long-distance swims accross many parts of the world. She has swum the Catalina Channel off the coast of California, the Molokai Channel in Hawaii - for which she holds the record for the oldest woman to achieve it. She has swum The North Channel between north east Ireland and southern Scotland in the UK, the Strait of Gibralter, and the Tsugaru Strait, between Honshu and Hokkaido in northern Japan. After swimming the English Channel, and also achieving anothr record for the oldest woman to do so, she has the Cook Strait to swim in 2019 at which point she will have the full set.


But she has more swims between now and then, and even after that her swimming days are not over - she will not conclude with that swim. She says she wants to continue to see "what a grandmother can achieve" and show that at any age "you still have dreams, and the adventure is not over until it's over".


We always learn a lot about being a Silver Grey athlete from the people we come across, and in Pat's case it is the spirit that shines out, and which illuminates all our lives.