A Tale of Two Surfies

Here are two videos about women surfers, one 68 and the other 71 years old. They both surf at an age that used to be unusual, at least, but which is less so now. On top of the fact that they both love riding the waves, there’s a very interesting difference between them. One has been surfing all her life, and the other only took up the sport at the age of 53.


68 year old Genie and 71 year old Gwyn



Gwyn Haslock, now in her early seveties, has been surfing the waves of Cornwall since childhood, first on a belly board - a precursor to the current body board - and then on a 10 foot Malibu board, which she bought herself in 1965 at the age of 21. In 1965 she entered the British Championships and was obliged to compete against the men surfers as there was no women’s championship, but in 1967 there was and she became the first British Women’s Surf Champion, a feat which she repeated many times in the 1970’s.


Nowadays, she’s a soul surfer, going out in the waves because she loves the freedom of being out in the sea, and because she loves “going with the flow of the the waves”.


From someone who has been surfing all her life to someone who only took it up at an age when most people wouldn’t consider it.



Genie was 53 when she took her first wave and is still enjoying learning and developing in the sport at getting towards 70. She is enjoying it, is still looking to improve and is going to increase the amount of yoga she does in order to maintain her fitness for surfing.

These two demonstrate that there's no one way of being a Silver Grey athlete - it doesn't matter if you've been doing a sport all your life or if, at any age, you decide to start. Both ways work. And these two women are also examples of how life doesn’t need to become more and more circumscribed as your age increases. It’s all a question of deciding that it won’t be the case and taking appropriate and effective action.

As we say, Life’s a game, Keep playing. These two are.