Bridget Cushen - Masters Athletics Secretary

For those of you who viewed our film of Charles Eugster's world record 200m run, filmed at the British Masters Athletics Indoor Championships in March 2015, here is an interview with Bridget Cushen, Secretary of British Masters Athletic Federation, explaining what BMAF is and talking about her work within it.



Bridget Cushen, born in 1940, was active as a competitive runner in the 1960's, but in the days when she was competing women were not allowed to take part in races longer than 800m (880 yards then). Her strength was distance running, and she showed by becoming British record holder at 3000m. Later, in 1973, she took part in a marathon - in her words "unofficially, or illegally" - in order to show that women were capable of completing the longer distances, and as part of her campaign for equality for women in athletics.


This work continued when she became involved in the running of Masters Athletics and she was responsible for introducing the hammer, steeplechase, triple jump and pole vault to women's events during the 1980's.


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