Sir Chris Bonington at 80



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The Grand Old Man of Climbing Climbs the Old Man of Hoy - again.


In August 2014  at the age of 80, Sir Chris Bonington, one of the UK's most accomplished climbers, re-climbed The Old Man of Hoy, a feat he first achieved in 1966 at the age of 32. The climb was to raise funds for Motor Neurone Disease Association, a charity funding research into Motor Neurone Disease from which his wife of 42 years died earlier that year.



Video from Berghaus of Sir Chris Bonington in August 2014  at the age of 80 recreating his 1966 climb of The Old Man of Hoy


old man of hoy
The Old Man of Hoy
Photo Dave Wheeler [CC BY-SA 2.0]

The Old Man of Hoy is a 137 sandstone sea-stack standing on the coast of the island of Hoy in the Orkney Islands.


Sir Chris has many notable climbs to his name - find a list of some of them here - including many first ascents. These climbs include an expedition up Everest at the age of 51. Although no longer doing major climbing expeditions, Sir Chris still climbs for pleasure, with friends and family, as can be seen on the many entries on his blog.


Which is how and why at the age of 80, although he does regret being less fit and lithe than he was when he climbed the "Old Man" the first time, he feels that such an exciting feat - climbing for seven hours! - can be part of his life.


So, continuing his climbing has obviously kept Sir Chris at a wonderful level of conditioning, both physical and mental, and if that isn't the best demonstration of what the Silver Grey Sports Club is all about, we'll....



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