Marina Cornwall, World Champion Powerlifter at 60

marina cornwall 1For 60-year-old World, European and British Masters Champion Powerlifter Marina Cornwall, it was a TV game show that changed the course of her life,


according to an interview she gave to Southern Daily Echo. Her strength training started when she was desperate to compete on the TV game show Gladiators, in which members of the public challenge professional fitness athletes in various games and tests. She was then in her 30's - the show was broadcast during the 1980's - and in order to enter the contest, she started working out at a gym. She didn't manage to get on to the show but she did get the bug for weight-lifting and began seriously training and entering body-building competitions.


marina cornwall 2Marina has always completely focussed on achieving her titles without any type of steroid or other drug use. She sees the weightlifting as part of a "health and fitness' approach to life and, apart from wanting to win without artificial aids, she has seen the damage these drugs can do. To that end she only enters self-styled "Natural" competitions and events where drug testing is thorough. In 2005, she became Lightweight Natural Bodybuilding World Champion, having also been British champion 3 times.


As is quite common with people who have achieved in one area, she has now taken on a new challenge - Powerlifting. Powerlifting is similar to Olympic weightlifting, but competitors do three lifts as opposed to the two in Olympics. Additionally, the lifts are different from the Olympics. Olympic weightlifting competitions involve the highest combined weight lifted when adding the lifted weight in a "Clean and Jerk" lift and a "Snatch" lift. Powerlifting involves the largest combined total of Squat, Deadlift and Bench Press.


Since taking on the challenge of powerlifting, Marina has claimed many British powerlifting records as well as having the British, European and now World Titles to her name. In winning her World Title - in South Africa in June 2014 - Marina achieved a Squat lift of 77.5kg, a Bench Press of 47.5 kg and a Deadlift of 120 kg, a combined total of 245 kg. Her own personal best in the Deadlift is 130 kg, almost three times her body weight. In order to concentrate on Powerlifting, she is planning to drop the body-building at the end of 2014.


Having just reached the age of 60 and being still intent on improving her own lifting, Marina believes that there is no reason why age should be a limiting factor in taking part in this sport either as a competitor or just as part of fitness training. The age categories in the competitions go into the 70's and as long as people are properly trained, start their lifting at an achievable weight so as to avoid injury, she sees no reason why people of any age shouldn't take up this sport.

 marina cornwall 3



Although the usual image of a bodybuilder/ weightlifter is a huge hunk of muscle, Marina contradicts this stereotype. She is 5' tall and weighs only 44kg, competing in the under 47kg class in the powerlifting competitions, in her own words "tiny". Since becoming involved in the world of bodybuilding and weightlifting, she also works as a personal trainer and can be contacted through her website

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