Uncharted Waters.

Wow! The world has just turned upside down! Almost no-one who will be reading this will ever have experienced anything remotely like this. Our website promotes health in later life through strength and fitness. The people we have met and interviewed over the years are already living a life that goes against conventional wisdom about being older - so they are thinking outside the box in the first place. We know therefore that all SGSC athletes will take on this challenge as imaginatively as they approach life in general.

We ourselves are sticking to a daily routine which involves running outside and doing strength work in the house. We are also making sure we do plenty of stretching to keep ourselves as supple as possible. It seems to us that regularity is the key.  

We realise more than ever how lucky we usually are to have so much freedom to live, train and do the sports that we love. In the future when all this is over, on days when we don’t want to push ourselves so hard we will be aware of how fortunate we are to have that choice.

Maybe the lock-down will even bring new people to experience the benefits of exercise and hopefully they will continue the habit once this crisis is passed.
Stay strong, stay healthy. Life’s a Game - Keep Playing!

Fittysomething? "W" AND "M", please.

Along with many other people, and even from a young age, I have always thought it deeply unfair and unjust that people have traditionally said that men age better than women! It has been my belief that this observation has been made with a false perception of what IS attractive. I strongly believe that confdence in your whole appearance is what makes a person attractive, and part of your appearance is the way you move, the way you hold yourself and so on.

Ageing population

According to a report published by the World Health Organisation, for the first time in human history the old - defined as people over the age of 65 - are due to outnumber the young - children under the age of 5. This unprecedented situation will have come about by the year 2020.

Lily was - and is - right

Our contributor Lily Young writes in her web-published book Surfing through the Menopause about how her working on her strength an fitness for her surfing helped her during her menopause. Now comes support for her stance from The North American Menopause Society (NAMS).

Plymouth Breakwater Swim


A couple of weeks ago we were in Plymouth, (on one of the very few actual summer days), walking along below Hoe Park, and saw some sea swimmers reaching the shore at a small beach near the Lido. A crowd was welcoming

85 year old Mountain Climber

Here's a man who shows that the only time to stop is .... when?

Facing It

Here's something new - or not new, really, since it's illustrating ageing as an achievement rather than a curse.

Wayne Watson reviews his 2010/11 season

Off-piste ski-guide Wayne Watson discusses his 2010/2011 ski season -

Surfers over 50

These days the term Silver Surfer is more likely to refer to people over 50 surfing the web rather than the waves (or to the DC Comic, come to that). If you ever felt like giving it a go among the real, rather than the virtual, waves, you'll find there are more like you than you might have thought.

86-year-old bodybuilder

The more we look the more find