77-years-young, and still doing the business

Former Mr America Jim Morris still works out 6 days a week after a year competitive career in bodybuilding which started with his first win in 1966 - Mr New York City - and ended in 1996 with his win at the Mr Olympia Masters aged 61.




Here's a new film about Jim Morris


He trained many sucessful bodybuilders at his gym in West Hollywood, which he sold in 1985, and has also maintained his work as a personal trainer. In 1973 he began a 15 year stint working as personal bodyguard to Elton John. At the age of 50 he became vegetarian, and at 65 became vegan. Nutrition is obviously of great importance to him and it shows.


If you have believed the common misconception that past the age of 50 your muscles atrophy and there's nothing you can do about, that frailty awaits you with the certainty of the sun rising every day, maybe this man will make you stop and think a bit, that if you don't fall prey to apathy you can carry on living an active life, doing your sport until the Grim Reaper strikes - but not before.


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