Why 50? 50 isn't old.

People ask why the starting age for the Silver Grey Sports Club is 50. 50 isn't old, they tell us. Well, we are ever more aware of that. The point is, SGSC isn't about being old.

It's about continuing to be able to do the things that you/we love long after a time in life when past experience might dictate that you ought to stop. It's also about what you need to do in order for that to happen. We don't have a science-based, theoretical approach, it's an approach based on what we see happening (although it is more and more supported by scientific research). And what we see happening is that it is entirely possible to stay in the kind of shape that enables you to continue with your sport, and which is demanded by your sport.

What is the best way to be in shape at 70, 75 80... it's to be in shape at 65, at 60, at 55 …. you see where this is leading. And since we are all agreed that 50 isn't old, it's easy to start at this age, say, in order to still be doing it at 70, 75, 80?

There are plenty of examples of people getting into shape starting later in life. Our own Betty Warner is an example of just that. It's never too late to start, and never too late to make improvements. But on the other hand it is easier to start earlier, at an age when you are naturally stronger.

50 is a young enough age for starting training to be achieveable and to begin to get results only a matter of weeks after you start out. Once training becomes a regular part of your life, part of your routine, it's no trouble at all to keep doing it.

50 is also an age at which you can see the difficult years on the horizon, when you realise that if you don't start to do something to maintain your strength and fitness, things will start to go downhill.

So start at 50 - if not before - when you're still young and when it's easier to get going. after that, it's all the easier to continue later on once training is part of your routine.