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Drug testing at 90!

Carl Grove90 year old Masters Cyclist Carl Grove set a new sprint world record for his age group in July 2018 - only to be stripped of the record several months later ... for a drug violation!

Never too old to try and get an edge over your rivals?

Not quite the whole story...

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Too old to mountain-bike?

Mountain biking can be one of the scarier adventure sports … if you’ve never done it before. The close proximity of metal and bone doesn’t make a comfortable partnership especially when you’re hurtling round an uneven and rocky trail in a bike park. However, these two show that the answer to the question in the title, as with all the activities we cover, is definitely “NO!”


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More Masters Athletics

Most people, including ourselves, wouldn’t consider athletics an extreme sport, so we haven’t covered it a great deal on Silver Grey Sports Club. However, we came across this video of the final of the women’s 100m in the 50-54 age-group from the World Masters Athletics (WMA) meeting in Perth, Australia in 2016. Looking at these athletes you can have no doubt that the strength and fitness required for participating in age-group athletic competition does very much crossover with some of the ideas we believe in - that there is no age limit to keeping your body in exceptionally good shape and enjoying everything that being in the best physical shape brings with it.



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Body Matters

Here are a few things to think about while, say, spending time running on a treadmill - better that than reading a newspaper while doing it!

We have reported on many studies that have shown that exercise is good for the brain as well as the body. Now a new study has suggested that something like the reverse is also true, that obesity is bad for your brain, specifically for the volume of the brain’s grey matter. Grey matter is a major constituent part of the brain and is important in areas of the brain involved in muscle control and sensory perception such as seeing and hearing, memory, emotions, speech, decision making, and self-control. Having less of it is not a good thing, and the research by Mark Hamer of Loughborough University and David Batty of University College London does appear to show that, as obesity increases, the brain’s grey matter takes the opposite route and gradually shrinks.

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Worms in Space!!

Fitball Flys 1smlWorms in Space! What?! Yes, worms in Space! It sounds like a bad sci-fi movie but it is in fact a scientific experiment being prepared for by three well-respected English universities. So if you thought that Silver Grey Sports Club was somewhat obsessive in continually making so much fuss about the importance of muscles perhaps a government funded experiment sending worms into space specifically for research into what makes muscles atrophy, and how to avoid it will reassure you as to the importance of the issue!

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Ray Woolley - 95-year-old record breaking scuba diver

Ray Wooley, aged 95, has set a new record for being the the world’s oldest scuba diver. And another thing? He broke his own previous record!


Ray set the record by diving for 45 minutes, exploring the wreck of the cargo ship Zenobia, near Larnaca , in Cyprus. He has been scuba diving for almost 60 years having been a radio operator during World War II, and then having served with the Special Boat Services.

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