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Dr Charles Eugster gets the Record!

Dr Charles Eugster has set a new indoor World Record in the 200m for his age-group, 95 years and older. He knocked 2.4' off the previous mark set by American runner Orville Rogers in March 2013 and set a time of 55.48". The previous day he also set a new GB record for the 60m indoors, having set new GB age-group records for 100m and 200m outdoors last year.

All the Experts agree....

...that doing significant amounts of exercise is the best way of ageing well. Many articles about exercise and ageing come from a standpoint of addressing people who perhaps do no exercise, and maybe aren't aware of the many benefits of exercise, especially the life-benefits that follow from exercise. People who have perhaps fallen prey to the widely-held attitude that success and achievement in the physical realm belongs in your past when you get to 50. Any visitor to this site presumably doesn't share that point of view....

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