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All about Silver Grey Sports Club Mary Goodacre - triathlete Betty Warner - Yoga Student Marty Heckleman - Skier, Teacher Francoise Kassenberg - Climber Wayne Watson - Ski Guide, Teacher John Kirkham - Surfer Chris May - working Out to the Max Charles Eugster's 200m World Record Harold Greenberg - Curious to the Last Ewan Briscoe - TaiKwondo Master Hilary Walker - Ultra Runner Sydney Isaacs - Tennis Player

The oldest base jumper


One of SGSC's missions is to promote continuing strength and fitness throughout the whole of life. We believe that maintaining your physical condition enables you to maintain the maximum possibilities for yourself, both in the physical and mental arenas. We haven't any idea about what Dorothy Custer does in the way of keeping strong by going to a gym or anything like that, but we can tell you one thing, even if she does nothing she has certainly maintained her adventurous frame of mind.

Not our usual thing, but....

We don't usually promote other people's advertising campaigns, and especially not for underwear, but....

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