Surfing Through the Menopause


Silver Grey Sports Club member and contributor Lily Young has written a short illustrated book -  "Surfing Through the Menopause" - recounting her thoughts and adventures as she began learning to surf at the same time as going through her menopause. By the way, if you're a man reading this (as many of our visitors are) and you think it won't interest you - firstly, tell all  your women friends about it and, secondly, you'd be wrong.

77-years-young, and still doing the business

Former Mr America Jim Morris still works out 6 days a week after a year competitive career in bodybuilding which started with his first win in 1966 - Mr New York City - and ended in 1996 with his win at the Mr Olympia Masters aged 61.


Exercise and Ageing

From the National Institute for Health comes a report  that U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) found that exercise or physical therapy, as well as taking a vitamin D supplement, had moderate success in preventing falls in older adults.