London Marathon 2012


The Virgin London Marathon has been run this weekend, as anyone who has any access at all to any kind of media will be aware.

Gold at 100


In October 2009, Ruth Frith celebrated winning gold for the shotput at the 2009 World Masters Games, and setting a new world record for her age group - after reaching her 100th birthday.


Oldest Professional Athletes 1 - Satchel Paige


Here are some facts about a couple of professional athletes.

The oldest athlete to play baseball on a professional basis was Satchell Paige, who played his final Major League Baseball (MLB) game in 1965 for the Kansas City Athletics at the age of 59.

Why 50? 50 isn't old.

People ask why the starting age for the Silver Grey Sports Club is 50. 50 isn't old, they tell us. Well, we are ever more aware of that. The point is, SGSC isn't about being old.