Bridget Cushen - Masters Athletics Secretary

For those of you who viewed our film of Charles Eugster's world record 200m run, filmed at the British Masters Athletics Indoor Championships in March 2015, here is an interview with Bridget Cushen, Secretary of British Masters Athletic Federation, explaining what BMAF is and talking about her work within it.


How many 61-year-olds can do this?

Watch this video from Epic TV - the impressive bit starts at around 1' 25" - and see if this guy looks likes any 61-year-old you know.

We know quite a few who do, both men and women, and they're here on Silver Grey Sports Club.


Dr Charles Eugster gets the Record!

Dr Charles Eugster has set a new indoor World Record in the 200m for his age-group, 95 years and older. He knocked 2.4' off the previous mark set by American runner Orville Rogers in March 2013 and set a time of 55.48". The previous day he also set a new GB record for the 60m indoors, having set new GB age-group records for 100m and 200m outdoors last year.

All the Experts agree....

...that doing significant amounts of exercise is the best way of ageing well. Many articles about exercise and ageing come from a standpoint of addressing people who perhaps do no exercise, and maybe aren't aware of the many benefits of exercise, especially the life-benefits that follow from exercise. People who have perhaps fallen prey to the widely-held attitude that success and achievement in the physical realm belongs in your past when you get to 50. Any visitor to this site presumably doesn't share that point of view....


How Much is Too Much?

There has been some reporting recently on a study published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology (JACC) which claims that too much "jogging" is as bad as none at all. The Copenhagen City Heart Study claims that the best health results in terms of reduced all-cause mortality were experienced by joggers who ran for between 1 hour and 2.4 hours per week. According to this study, those who ran more often and more strenuously had as high risk of all-cause mortality as those who did no exercise at all.

Looked at like that this is of great comfort to those who belong in that group.

Dr Charles Eugster goes for the Record

charles eugster feb 2015 2
Setting sprint records - the new challenge for Dr Charles Eugster in his nineties

 Late last year we were lucky enough to have the chance to interview Dr Charles Eugster, the world's fittest nonagenarian, and his physical trainer and coach Sylvia Gattiker at his hotel during a flying visit to London.

Sir Chris Bonington at 80



Click for the video

The Grand Old Man of Climbing Climbs the Old Man of Hoy - again.

Greys of All Shades


The weekend of 12th April 2014 was a good one for the appearance of People of Age on UK TV.


The first incarnation of Silver Grey Sports Club was as an idea touted around to various TV Production companies in 2006/7 with a view to making a series of documentaries about inspiring older people, and expanding that into a magazine-style programme dealing with all the possibilities of being fit, athletic and sporty into age. Lots of excitement at the idea

They ARE Keeping Playing

Silver Grey Sports Club's slogan is Life's a Game - Keep Playing.

peter besenyeieric barone

These two certainly are.

Sir Robin Knox-Johnson under sail again at 75


robin knox-johnson 3

At 75, Sir Robin Knox-Johnson is to take part in the single-handed Route du Rhum trans-Atlantic sailing race. When

asked about his motivation for doing it, he said that having taken part in the Sydney to Hobart race in December last year had re-awoken his  passion for the excitement of ocean racing.

To Age, or to Age Well?


Keep Strong, Keep Fit, Keep Supple. These are the mantras of Silver Grey Sports Club, or at least they are a good summary of them.


Keeping in shape to be able to continue doing the sports we love has always had what we regard as the extremely positive side-effect of being able to get more out of life. Now AgeLab, an entity with MIT, has given us yet more reason to do so in creating A.G.N.E.S.

Exercise Benefits All Over - official

A very interesting article appeared in the Guardian online on Jan 13th listing the immense and varied benefits of exercise. As we have reported many times..

Inspiring TV

The most inspiring, and surprising, piece of television over the Christmas break was undoubtedly "Bear Grylls' Wild Weekend....


We don't see life in black and white




At SGSC we don't see life in black and white,

It's never too late to start


A study published in British Journal of Sports Medicine has shown that exercise produces health benefits even for those who take up at a later age. Other studies have shown the benefits of exercise in age when taken up earlier in life. This study shows that these benefits - the slower pace of mental and physical decline - also apply to those who start at a more advanced age.

54-year-old jet man overflies Mount Fuji



54-year-old extreme sports enthusiast Yves Rossy, also known as "Jetman", successfully performed his latest stunt on his four engined carbon-Kevlar jetwing when he flew around and across Mount Fuji.

Don't know who, don't know where ....

We don't know who this is, we don't know where it was filmed, we don't know for sure that he is Silver Grey Sports Club eligible....


The oldest base jumper


One of SGSC's missions is to promote continuing strength and fitness throughout the whole of life. We believe that maintaining your physical condition enables you to maintain the maximum possibilities for yourself, both in the physical and mental arenas. We haven't any idea about what Dorothy Custer does in the way of keeping strong by going to a gym or anything like that, but we can tell you one thing, even if she does nothing she has certainly maintained her adventurous frame of mind.

Not our usual thing, but....

We don't usually promote other people's advertising campaigns, and especially not for underwear, but....


Whether you think you can, whether you think you can't


Denise and I were watching the US Open Tennis men's final between Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic when we heard commentator Leif Shiras quote Henry Ford.

Diana Nyad completes Cuba to Florida swim


Endurance swimmer Diana Nyad has, at the age of 64, become the first person to swim the 112 miles from Cuba to Florida without the aid of a shark cage.  Setting off from Hemmingway Marina in Cuba on Saturday 31st of August she reached Key West, Florida after a swim of 53 hours.

Fittysomething? "W" AND "M", please.

Along with many other people, and even from a young age, I have always thought it deeply unfair and unjust that people have traditionally said that men age better than women! It has been my belief that this observation has been made with a false perception of what IS attractive. I strongly believe that confdence in your whole appearance is what makes a person attractive, and part of your appearance is the way you move, the way you hold yourself and so on.

Ageing population

According to a report published by the World Health Organisation, for the first time in human history the old - defined as people over the age of 65 - are due to outnumber the young - children under the age of 5. This unprecedented situation will have come about by the year 2020.

Lily was - and is - right

Our contributor Lily Young writes in her web-published book Surfing through the Menopause about how her working on her strength an fitness for her surfing helped her during her menopause. Now comes support for her stance from The North American Menopause Society (NAMS).

Perhaps the best "anti-aging" fix


There was an interesting article in The Guardian on Saturday 20th July, reporting on 25 "anti-aging fixes - without surgery". What a relief to find someone writing about cosmetic surgery not being the first resort in their fight against the effects of living longer. Unfortunately, it's not all good. The fact that the writer is only 38 and a half is a little dispiriting,

Silver Grey Mountain bikers

 Silver Grey Mountain Bikers




 When the Tour de France 2013 entered its third and final week and was about to finish in Paris, so our thoughts turned to two-wheeled sports.


We came across these two stories about people well into Silver Grey territory, but mountain bikers rather than road cyclists.

More About Yoga



A year ago, Yoga teacher Barbara Ferdy, who has a high percentage of Silver Greys in her Yoga classes, wrote about the benefits of Yoga for people at this time of life. Among her students is Betty Warner, whom we interviewed at the age of 78 and who spoke about the many benefits she felt from doing Yoga even having begun at as late an age as 71.

Something More About Mary

One of our recent interviewees was Mary Goodacre. We interviewed her after coming across her while writing about the Devon and Cornwall Wild Swimmers,

Android Chic

Recently, there was a report on the Breakfast programme on BBC TV about the use of cosmetic facial fillers and the alarming situation whereby there is currently little regulation of the procedure and no requirement for those applying the fillers to have any kind of medical qualification. During the discussion there were several points that caught our attention.

Assemble the Right Team

I don't like being put into a box, I never have done, I never will.


I have come across a tendency amongst some professionals to define me by my age rather than to see me as an individual. For that reason I look very hard to find ‘right minded’ professionals to help me lead the life I want, to stay in shape to do the sports I love, and to look and feel good, too.

Ow! Pain!


Everyone involved in sports and adventure activities, especially perhaps Silver Greys, will at some point have to deal with pain,

Marathons on each continent

With the London Marathon taking place at the weekend, this story seemed appropriate. But before the story, our thoughts are with the families and friends of all those affected by the Boston Marathon bombings.


At 81, Margaret Hagerty has an entry in the Guinness Book of Records. She was at that time the oldest person....


15 years older

How old are you? It's a question most people - practically from their 30's onwards - tend to answer with a reduction of the real figure! They want people to think they're younger then they are. At SGSC we do it differently, conditioning is our priority - if anything we add a few years, after all, if at 60 you radiate strength and fitness but tell people you're older than that, they're going to be more impressed than if you try to pass yourself off as say 50.

Oldest Professional Athletes 3 - who?

Sometimes you have to make an exception. This is one of those times - and not just one exception but two. Two exceptions in one, actually, since not only was the person not past the age of 50 at the time but also the sport in question is not an extreme or adventure sport. However,.....


A Man and a Woman


Something bothers us - we worry that there is an inequality in the balance of the sexes when it comes to keeping fit and strong, that it might be more of a "Guy Thing".

Silver Grey goes to college


You know you've arrived when your web-site gets hacked! Who'd bother, otherwise?

A couple of weeks ago we went to visit some students at London College of Communication who had been given a brief to create an advertising campaign to promote our web-site. Eight groups of students presented their work, which ranged from witty poster campaigns and videos to guerilla marketing events.

First is something, second is somewhere


{jcomments on}"First is everything, second is nowhere" is the rallying cry used by athletes at the top of their game, competing and training as hard as possible, and for encouraging those trying to get to the top. If you are attempting to win an Olympic gold medal or set a world record you'd kick yourself if you aimed for anything other than first.

But is it necessarily the right thing for the Silver Greys. Do we really want to take the attitude that

Oldest Professional Athletes 2 - Hiroshi Hoketsu


Doesn't time fly.


They say it goes more quickly as you get older (NB make sure you get the most out of everyday, then!). It only seems like a few days since the Olympics were taking place in London but it was in fact six months ago that the opening ceremony happened. And a few months before that was the last an article appeared in our series "Oldest professional athletes". Time for another....


Fitness and Dementia


A few months ago we put out an article about the work of Neuro-scientist Dr Michael Merzenich. His work proposes the idea that "brain plasticity" - the brain function whereby neural pathways are constantly created in response to learning - continues throughout life, thereby proposing a person's lifelong ability to influence one's own brain development by continuing positively to embrace learning. There followed a similar piece, "Exercise and the Brain - it just gets better".


Now, another piece of research into the brain and ageing, of particular relevance to SGSC,

Continual Improvement


OK, you're reading this, so you're probably getting older - whatever that means. At Silver Grey Sports Club, we don't tend to use the words old or older as we feel that there is a subjective judgement in deciding what is or is not old - and generally it's not a positive one. We use "past the age of 50"

Oldest Snowboarder?

Well, winter is upon us (I think we may have mentioned that before?) so here is another winter story.


Think Positive to Keep Fit.


It has long been known that there is a relationship between mind and body. The Romans had a saying Mens Sana in Corpore Sano, which is generally translated as A Sound Mind in A Healthy Body.

Don't Sit!

Two interesting studies, about sitting and the fact that studies have shown shown that too much of it is bad for you - even if you do do the amount of exercise recommended for health (I'm thinking about the fact that I'm writing this sitting down!).

Fauja Singh - Marathon Centurion


Thanks to SGSC member Syd Clarke for pointing out this story.

Fauja Singh is a (currently) 101-year-old runner, born in the Punjab in India at a time when it was still a British Territory, and who has only recently retired from marathon running. But not from all running, apparently, as he will continue running 5 and 10 km distances, through which he will continue his charity fund-raising.

90-year-old ski instructor

OK, the ski season is nearly upon us .... in parts of Canada very nearly. So here's an inspiring film to get you in the mood.

Exercise and the Brain - it just gets better

Following our report on Dr Michael Merzenich's work on brain plasticity - the process of the brain whereby it builds neural pathways as a response to learning - there is news from the University of Edinburgh that exercise helps to protect the brain against age-related changes.

Ironman World Championships 2012

The Ironman World Championships took place as usual in Kailua-Kona, Hawai'i on October 13th. For those who don't know, Ironman is an extreme version of Triathlon, in which competitors complete a 2.4 mile ocean swim, a 112 mile bike ride and a 26.2 mile (marathon distance) run.

Brain Training

On this site we generally concentrate on physical training to, on the one hand, continue to pursue the extreme and adventure sports and activities that we love for far longer in our lives than perhaps previously imagined and, on the other hand, enjoy the benefits that the results of such training bring us in our lives outside the actual sports. Well, in fact such training is not limited to the physical sphere according to Dr Michael Merzenich, co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Posit Science.

You Must Keep Active

The US Government Agency Centers for Disease Control has published a feature on the importance of regualr physical activity. Read it here or read our digest here.

100 years, 100 kilometres

At the age of 100, French cyclist Robert Marchand has set a new age-group world record for the fastest 100 kilometres on the track. The new time stands at 4 hours 17 minutes 27 seconds and was set at the Tete-d'Or Velodrome in Lyons, France. The time has been ratified by the French National Cycling Federation.

Sir Ranulph Fiennes

At 68 years old, Sir Ranulph Fiennes, dubbed the World's Greatest Living Explorer, is about to embark on his latest venture. He will lead a 14-month expedition

Sister Madonna Buder

On 26th August 2012 at Penticton, British Columbia, Canada Sister Madonna Buder became the oldest person ever to complete an Ironman triathlon, at the age of 82,

Plymouth Breakwater Swim


A couple of weeks ago we were in Plymouth, (on one of the very few actual summer days), walking along below Hoe Park, and saw some sea swimmers reaching the shore at a small beach near the Lido. A crowd was welcoming

59, and the Fastest Flyer


Was it me or was it the way it was written?

Surfing Through the Menopause


Silver Grey Sports Club member and contributor Lily Young has written a short illustrated book -  "Surfing Through the Menopause" - recounting her thoughts and adventures as she began learning to surf at the same time as going through her menopause. By the way, if you're a man reading this (as many of our visitors are) and you think it won't interest you - firstly, tell all  your women friends about it and, secondly, you'd be wrong.

77-years-young, and still doing the business

Former Mr America Jim Morris still works out 6 days a week after a year competitive career in bodybuilding which started with his first win in 1966 - Mr New York City - and ended in 1996 with his win at the Mr Olympia Masters aged 61.


Exercise and Ageing

From the National Institute for Health comes a report  that U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) found that exercise or physical therapy, as well as taking a vitamin D supplement, had moderate success in preventing falls in older adults.

Music Training can benefit you as you age


News comes from researchers at Northwestern University, Chicago, Illinois. Researchers in the Auditory Neuroscience Lab found that older musicians had better neural response time to key acoustic features

Mind over matter and matter over mind


If you want to know why it's worth staying strong, read this article by SGSC member Lily Young.

Food in the News


There have been quite a few items of interesting news about food and health recently.

The Benefits of Tai Chi

Sydney Isaacs mentions in his interview that he took classes in Tai Chi for several years. He is not the only person to think that Tai Chi is a good thing.

London Marathon 2012


The Virgin London Marathon has been run this weekend, as anyone who has any access at all to any kind of media will be aware.

Gold at 100


In October 2009, Ruth Frith celebrated winning gold for the shotput at the 2009 World Masters Games, and setting a new world record for her age group - after reaching her 100th birthday.


Oldest Professional Athletes 1 - Satchel Paige


Here are some facts about a couple of professional athletes.

The oldest athlete to play baseball on a professional basis was Satchell Paige, who played his final Major League Baseball (MLB) game in 1965 for the Kansas City Athletics at the age of 59.

Why 50? 50 isn't old.

People ask why the starting age for the Silver Grey Sports Club is 50. 50 isn't old, they tell us. Well, we are ever more aware of that. The point is, SGSC isn't about being old.

Skateboarding is for kids, volume 2

A little while ago we put up a film about Lloyd Kahn, a skateboarder in his mid-70's. Victor E doesn't quite match up on the age front, but on the other hand he has been skateboarding a bit longer - since 1954, in fact, when he started skateboarding as a 7-year-old. He seems quite committed to the skateboarding life by the look of things, and if anyone wants proof that older sportspeople are prepared to put their bodies on the line, here it is.

Have a look at this:-


You wait ages, and then 2 come along...

... in fact the more we look, the more we find.

Skateboarding is for kids, right?

Skateboarding is for kids, right? At least, I had my first ride on a skateboard when I was about 14, going on 45 years ago....


91-year-old water skier

This woman has a great attitude, and the right attitude.

Super Mother and Daughter

These two women are incredible examples of the benefits of strength training as you age.

We are not alone - but it's not all sport


A French book has come into our possession called Aged 50 and Beyond (50 Ans et Après). It concerns the current attitude towards the word "Old"

On the Trail of ...Paul Dubrule

15,250 Km … on a bike … at the age of 67! True or not true? True!

Don't have regrets, never give up

Many thanks to Chris Souillac - ski guide at Alpine Experience in Val d'Isère - and Suzanne Souillac for sending this interesting link about a skier friend of theirs.

Sports Performance and Ageing

Here's an interesting article about Sports Performance and ageing. No-one seems to be in any doubt where it will all end, but what happens between now and then can be strongly affected by the effort you put into maintaining conditioning.

Push the Limits

And here's the opposite … sort of.

Don't worry about winning, just enjoy the ride

Here's an interesting article from the Health Journal of the Wall Street Journal.

The pictures tell the story

This 72-year-old Swedish woman shows once again that age is no barrier. Even if you don't speak Swedish...


Better Running, Less Impact

As reported on BBC 1's The One Show on 15th Sept (the item is at 17' 55") new research from Professor Rami Abboud at Dundee University has shown that a change in running style will help reduce stress injuries and wear on your joints.

98 years old - still teaching, still learning

At 98, Sapporo Cho-ochi lives his life like a man with plenty of time ahead of him.

85 year old Mountain Climber

Here's a man who shows that the only time to stop is .... when?

Facing It

Here's something new - or not new, really, since it's illustrating ageing as an achievement rather than a curse.

Wayne Watson reviews his 2010/11 season

Off-piste ski-guide Wayne Watson discusses his 2010/2011 ski season -

Surfers over 50

These days the term Silver Surfer is more likely to refer to people over 50 surfing the web rather than the waves (or to the DC Comic, come to that). If you ever felt like giving it a go among the real, rather than the virtual, waves, you'll find there are more like you than you might have thought.

86-year-old bodybuilder

The more we look the more find

A trip to the South West

Had a short trip in mid-July to the waves of North Cornwall, where we were on the hunt for some Silver Grey stories.

Power of Six

The Guardian has this story about 6 professional athletes who continued their careers way past the age at which most people are able to keep up with their younger competitors.

62-year-old American Football player

Tom Woodring is a 62-year-old who plays semi-pro football...


91-year-old Track and Field Athlete

Here's a great story courtesy of BBC NewsOnline . Canadian Olga Kotelko is 91 and she took up Track and Field Athletics at the age of 77.

Ironman France

The Ironman France - - took place in Nice in southern France on 26th June, with plenty of Silver Grey competitors. The sweltering heat made competing very tricky, even more than usual for an event which is a variation of a triathlon but with longer distances in each discipline. An Ironman comprises a 3.4km swim, a 180km cycle ride and a 42.2km run.

Fête des Médaillés

The ski resort of Val d'Isère has a system of rewarding long-time regular clients with "Médailles de Fidélité" (Loyalty Medals). Every year they have a "Fête des Médaillés" consisting of giant slalom races and a prize-giving ceremony later in the day.