About the Silver Grey Sports Club

The Silver Grey Sports Club is a website for people over the age of 50 - let's call them the Silver Greys - who simply want to carry on with their enjoyment of Extreme Sports, Adventure Sports, Adrenalin Sports, call them what you will. They're fit, they're strong, and they aim to stay that way.

SGSC is an original concept, conceived and executed by Denise Simmons and Dan Simmons, ourselves two Silver Greys. Having been skiers - on and off-piste - for many years, we had thought we were fit. But when, in our late 40's we started to learn to surf we discovered two things. Firstly, surfing is extremely addictive, and secondly, we had nothing like the fitness required to have any chance of mastering it. Denise first, and a few years later Dan, started to work in a gym with fitness trainers and discovered two more things - age is no barrier to improving your fitness through training and, so far at least, for as long as you carry on doing it you keep getting results. So if you're into the kind of sports which require a high level of conditioning, you don't have any reason to stop if you keep working at it.

And even if you're not into the sports side, we believe you can benefit greatly and enhance your quality of life by working at three areas of your conditioning - your strength, fitness and flexibility.

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