Analogue World

It’s said that we live in a Digital World. This article is being written using a digital system and, equally, you’re reading it on a digital system. The entirety of the Silver Grey Sports Club website exists because of the digital world. All of which is ironic, because the subject of this article is the fact that in all the most important respects we do in fact live in an Analogue World.


And the AW is largely overlooked. If people who look after their analogue selves rather than their digital selves were described as Luddites, as being out of touch with the modern world, what would be odd about that would be that nobody thinks about having an analogue self, an analogue identity. A digital identity is what you have. Who even thinks that an analogue identity is a thing? Which is odd, because analogue is at the bottom of everything.

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The News is Spreading

sgscsurfer1.3smlThe news really is spreading, muscle is making headlines. Well, bylines, anyway. The journalist Matt Rudd has for some time been the Sunday Times’ fitness and work-out correspondent and after a long spell of high intensity cardio and aerobic work has at last brought his training regime round to the subject of muscle. Too much of the cardio has left him with not enough of it and he has now been advised to remedy that. Hurrah, at last someone is writing sensibly about the importance to health of skeletal muscle. Rather pompously we refer to it by its correct anatomical name to avoid the macho/instagram/facebook connotations that talking about muscles in the plural gives rise to. SGSC tweeted him about it, and you can read that here.

Anyway, to continue ... interesting as that is and even though Rudd is in his early forties and is probably thinking about his future as an older adult he isn’t really in Silver Grey territory. But when one of the foremost surfing and surf forecasting websites, Magic Seaweed, publishes an article entitled How to Surf Forever then we’re much closer to home.

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Fat Was a Feminist Issue

In 1978 Susie Orbach wrote her hugely successful and extremely influential anti-diet book Fat is a Feminist Issue, examining the complex relationship(s) women have with the shape of their bodies and with food, and what those said about women’s relationship with society. These days people usually refer to Obesity rather than Fat-ness, and obesity has become so widespread and affects such a high percentage of people that even though the issues discussed in her book are still relevant, they exist within a much wider spectrum of issues related to body-size. So although one can still say that fat is a feminist issue, it is also a “person-ist” issue, given its ubiquity, and with relevance to SGSC we can also say that it is an age issue.

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Dear Josh Glancy

Dear Josh Glancy,

We have to take issue with you over something you wrote in your article for the Sunday Times Magazine of June 11th. In the article you wrote that “… technology makes physical strength ever more obsolete…” and we have to say that we find that a very dangerous statement.

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Is it a Helmet or is it a Bubble?

Managed to get away for a week’s skiing in glorious Val d’Isère. The snow has been fantastic and the weather has been wonderfully and worryingly hot -  not that Donald Trump and his acolytes feel they should worry about it!


Aside from the thrill of the sport itself, the feeling that comes from being in the beauty of the mountains is a huge part of what makes skiing special. It therefore comes as a great disappointment to us, this current obsession for skiing wearing a helmet. Apart from the dislocation from the environment, we also feel that it has in fact made the sport more dangerous rather than the opposite. One of the results of people feeling themselves to be more protected is that they often ski with less concern for others.

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