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76-year-old Wolfi surfs Watergate Bay Robin Delve double world champion Wayne Watson - Ski Guide, Teacher All about Silver Grey Sports Club Mary Goodacre - triathlete Marty Heckleman - Skier, Teacher Harold Greenberg - Curious to the Last Charles Eugster's 200m World Record Francoise Kassenberg - Climber Betty Warner - Yoga Student John Kirkham - Surfer Chris May - working Out to the Max Ewan Briscoe - TaiKwondo Master Hilary Walker - Ultra Runner Sydney Isaacs - Tennis Player

Paralympics? Ageing is not a disablility

The Paralympics have just finished and - wow! What impressive and inspirational athletes, both in their performances and in their attitude. These athletes have to deal with great challenges in their lives, whether from a congenital condition or a disability caused by an event. Such determination, such guts, all channelled into becoming elite athletes performing at the highest level!

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All about the Silver Grey Sports Club

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